Strategies for getting a complete look

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If your hair plan for a big and casual program is this, you can set the knitting. It is ideal for most women. But it is not good for women with soft and thin hair. Every time they try to pull the hair beautifully, they get embarrassed and get embarrassed. There is a way to do this. We offer strategies that can help you. Follow these steps that make your eyes look dense.
· Get ​​rid of hair
· Stretching, broadening
· Three knitting
· Perfect knitting

Let’s get the hair straight
The rear of your hair increases the density of the hair and makes the pin thoroughly visible.

Tony – Kai casual: Hairdryer using a spray that can be given to texture such as Sea salt texture spray. Make your favorite patch now. It gives a dense patch. Note: The fishtail will be suitable.

Drag and broaden
This technique is called pancaking. To pull a few clusters off your hair and make it appear bigger and darker. Set the backdrop you want, drag and pin the backbone. This will increase the width and make the hair look perfect. Note: Suitable for bohemian knitting.

Three knitting
The wafting method is dense and lengthens the lining. Divide the hair into three parts. Take each section regularly. Now take three fingers together. Giving good looks. Note: Suitable for traditional three knitting patterns.

Perfect knitting
Identify the most important right back. Some types of hair are densely displayed for a few hair types. French knit is always denser than Dutch knit. Fish pinch is thicker than the twine. Thick, paws are thicker than the sleek, thin poacher knit.

Anjali Agarwal